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Almost all engineering programs start with a bachelor's degree. But if you aren't able to enroll at a four-year college right out of high school, your next best option will be to start taking classes at a community college.

Community college tuition is much less than a four-year school charges. And you can live at home while you attend, you don't have to move away and live in a dorm.

You can complete many of your general education courses and then transfer them to the college of your choice. In order to be accepted as a transfer student at most engineering colleges, your community college grades will have to be great. Don't expect to get accepted at a good college if you earned C's in community college classes. Many colleges have higher requirements for transfer students, so your grades (and maybe your employment or personal history) have to be terrific.

Learn more about pursuing your associate's degree before transferring to a four-year degree college.

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